Have you been searching the internet for Christian wedding invites and can’t seem to find an existing design that matches your vision? Truly Engaging has an extensive catalog of templates destined to become the Christian Wedding Invitation you’ve always wanted.

Religious Wedding Invitations don’t need to start with a template that’s specifically designed for a Christian ceremony. The templates below range from text-heavy designs ideal for creating your own Bible verse wedding invitation to simpler layouts decorated with a sprig of flowers or smattering of greenery. Check out these invites and then see how you can customize your pick using religious quotes and faith-based messaging that speaks to your Christianity and your heart.

1. Stately Vow

Stately Vow | Rectangle Invitations

Stately Vow features lovely damask flourishes and other elegant touches to create a religious invitation that’s entirely appropriate for the church ceremony you and your sweetheart have planned. You can customize the colors to match your vision and add some raised foil for extra glitz.

2. Quiet Scene

Quiet Scene | All-in-One Wedding Invitations

Quiet Scene is like a peek into the past, present, and future of you and your soon-to-be-spouse. This all-in-one Wedding Invitation opens up to reveal an arched picture frame at the top of the peaked stationery. Upload a photo of you and your beloved, then follow it up with your traditional Christian wedding details, including the name and address of the church hosting your upcoming ceremony.

3. Graceful Wreath

Graceful Wreath | Rectangle Invitations

Watercolors, wedding-ready design, warmth — Graceful Wreath has it all, including a circle of branches that some view as a representation of Christian faith and eternal life. It’s right on target for couples who know the commitment they’re about to make will see them united for the rest of their lives and beyond.

4. Wedding Florals

Wedding Florals | Rectangle Invitations

You’re likely still working out what flowers you’ll have present on your big day, but you can start enjoying Mother Nature’s bounty now with this Wedding Florals Wedding Invitation and its central theme of big, bold blooms. The stretch of flowers meandering across the invite is lush and elegant — use it as inspiration for the floral swags across the pews in your church or at the reception after the ceremony’s completion.

5. Enchanted Crown

Enchanted Crown | Rectangle Invitations

Invite loved ones to share in your joy with Enchanted Crown, a Wedding Invitation bursting with colorful flowers in shades of pink, blush, and white. Sprigs of greenery and little buds help the design feel even more fresh, and the stately font used for the majority of the wedding details helps your scripted names stand out just as they should.

6. Painted Majesty

Painted Majesty | Rectangle Invitations

Swoops of color wash across the front of Painted Majesty, an abstract yet romantic Wedding Invitation that combines traditional elements and a touch of contemporary art. Swap out the “reception to follow” script at the end of this design for a religious quote or Bible verse, and make this artsy invite into your dream Christian wedding invite.

7. Darling Digest

Darling Digest | Rectangle Invitations

There’s a streamlined modernity to Darling Digest that makes this design attractive to minimalists, but the soft gray coloring and cross shape joining your initials and names make the template work well as a religious Wedding Invitation too.

8. Monogram Bloom

Monogram Bloom | Rectangle Invitations

Monogram Bloom incorporates simple sprigs of flowers into a light and airy design worthy of your church wedding. The dainty bouquets are reminiscent of a boutonniere, adding even more romance and hinting at the wedding celebrations that lie ahead.

9. Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart | Rectangle Invitations

A non-traditional interpretation of a cross Wedding Invitation, Cross My Heart kicks off its design with two heart-shaped arrows in a perpendicular arrangement. The image represents the two of you coming together for one long-lasting relationship, but there’s also a religious undertone that offers a contemporary take on a well-known Christian motif.

10. Eternal Love

Eternal Love | Rectangle Invitations

Eternal Love carries the religious meaning and overarching theme of your upcoming Christian wedding right in the design’s name. The combination of graceful lettering and a clean, crisp background creates a template that’s beautiful as-is but also easy to personalize to match your wedding day aesthetic.

11. Simple Gathering

Simple Gathering | Rectangle Invitations

Simple Gathering starts out with three bold words: “Let’s gather together.” Switch that up to “God brought us together” or “Faith, Hope & Love” and you have a completely original Wedding Invitation that honors your relationship and your life as a committed Christian. Simply add in the words you’d like in a note for our designers.

12. Enchanting Wildflowers

Enchanting Wildflowers | All-in-One Wedding Invitations

Enchanting Wildflowers is a folded design, meaning your prospective guests will get a Wedding Invitation, envelope, and perforated RSVP postcard all wrapped into one stunning piece of stationery. We love the color-blocked arch backing up your wedding details almost as much as we love the sprightly wildflowers that would be well-matched for a boho Christian wedding or ceremony at a quaint country church.

13. Forever Exquisite

Forever Exquisite | Rectangle Invitations

From the lush purple coloring to the smart use of complementary fonts, Forever Exquisite leverages expert graphic design to create a gorgeous Wedding Invitation that works for Christian weddings and secular celebrations alike. The mention of “share in our joy” at the top adds a religious touch, or you can tweak the phrasing to more overtly recognize your faith.

14. Stacked Pair

Stacked Pair | Rectangle Invitations

Stacked Pair is another template that can turn into a religious Wedding Invitation with just a few small adjustments from our designers. Bold, oversized lettering alternates with your names and wedding details. String the three extra-large words together and you get “Our Wedding Day,” but that could easily become “Faith, Life, Love” or “Praise the Lord.” Let your heart and faith guide your creativity, and you’re sure to come up with something perfect.

15. DIY your own religious Wedding Invitation

If you have an idea for a Christian Wedding Invitation you’d like to design from scratch, you can upload your own design into the Truly Engaging editor and create a design that’s exclusively yours.

This is an exciting option for artists eager to have a direct hand in creating their own Wedding Invitations using existing artwork or couples who are friendly with or related to a graphic designer who wants to craft a bespoke invite as a gift.

Truly Engaging’s Upload Your Design function comes with professional assistance, just in case you get stuck. You can contact our design team for help fine-tuning your layout and meeting our print specifications.

What to write in a Christian Wedding Invitation

Most couples put a lot of thought into what they want to write on their Wedding Invitations — and for good reason. Your invite isn’t just functional, it’s also a keepsake that you’ll likely frame and look at fondly for years to come. Finding the right Christian Wedding Invitation wording can be tricky, as you’re trying to balance faith, sentiment, and personal preference, but these ideas should help you discover what you feel is most appropriate for your religion and your relationship.