The Emerald Jewellery of Choice for Celebrity Engagements That Will Make Heads Turn

The birthstone of May, the verdant, green glow of emerald ushers in the start of spring year after year. But, with it always comes new trends, and 2022 is no different. 

Before the start of the new year, Etsy already predicted that emerald green was going to be the ‘it’ color of 2022. “Symbolizing harmony and growth, along with royalty and refinement, emerald green is the perfect color to remind us to find balance this year,” Etsy Trend Expert, Dayna Isom Johnson wrote in a company blog post. 

“We’re already seeing shoppers looking for ways to incorporate this hue, with searches for emerald green items up 64 percent and emerald green decor up 60 percent,” she continued. 

And as George Khalife, founder of the celebrity-favorite George the Jeweler explained, two famous celebrity engagements early this year have only bolstered the gemstone’s popularity for 2022. 

“It’s also become popularized as many A-list celebrities have been wearing emeralds or other green colored stones, like Megan Fox’s engagement ring and Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond, which set the tone for emerald green jewelry to trend,” George tells us. 


Steve Moriarty, owner of Moriarty’s Gem Art said the embrace of the emerald has also played right into the increasingly popular trend of non-diamond engagement rings.

“In the past couple months we have created more emerald engagement rings than any year we have been in business. Either our customers are wanting emerald as the center stone or using emeralds as accent stones in the ring or band,” Moriarty explained.  “We love doing it because it looks amazing and makes their engagement rings really stand out.” 

But, another trend for 2022 seems to be the classic glamour and vintage vibes the emerald gives off. The fourth most popular birthstone according to jewelry insurance company BriteCo, the emerald has an enduring appeal. Rachel Karcich, founder of RG, explained that after introducing emeralds into their collection of timeless, sustainable jewelry last year, they’ve seen a spike in sales. 

“Our emerald stackable rings and our emerald cut stones — featured in our pyramid ring, dome ring, pendants — have by far been our best sellers,” Rachel tells us. “The vintage look is very in right now, and for us, emeralds emulate that timeless feeling.”

Across the catwalk this spring we’re also seeing strings of bright, candy colored gems. The striking color of the emerald perfectly plays into this Spring/Summer 2022 trend. Aviad Faruz, Chief Executive Officer at Faruzo, told us one of the most popular ways to wear emeralds this spring will be with a statement necklace.

“A huge emerald necklace paired with some sparkling diamonds is the ideal piece for any party. What’s more, is that it’s a refreshing change from the dainty pearl and diamond necklaces,” Farus explains. “The bold green color of an emerald is elegant and classy, and when present in a statement necklace, will definitely make a lasting impression on those around you”

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